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Leather Solutions Int'l is your source for professional leather care products, training, leather repair services and customer assistance for leather problems.  We are the PROBLEM SOLVERS in the leather industry. 
Leather is skin just like ours. It needs to be maintained with quality products.  Our care products are designed specifically for leather.  Our leather softener has collegan and proteins which are necessary to keep leather soft and supple as it ages. Leather should be cleaned and protected every 3 to 6 months.  We have care kits for both unprotected leather and protected leather.  It is important to know which leather you have as products may not cross over.  The unprotected or Aniline leathers come with oil pull up cream and/or wax pull up cream applied to the surface.  You need these special products in order to care and protect you aniline leathers.  Semi aniline, protected leather and painted leathers are easier to maintain and repair.  Imitation leathers, bonded leathers and vinyl do not hold up as well as real cow hide leather.

Most damages to leather can be resolved with a bottle of touch up color.  Our color lab can match to any color of leather.  The unprotected or aniline leathers will require a stain.  This needs to be applied in a specific way to restore fading color on these leathers.  Protected leathers require a paint and this can be dabbed or sprayed onto the leather.  If we don't have a particular leather sample in-house, a sample will have to be sent in for us to match the furniture.  The color system we have has a primer and top coat in the it.  You just dab it on and dry it.  This makes the color application very consumer friendly. If the problem requires more than a touch up, we have a nationwide data base of technicians who can assist with larger problems. 

We have been in the leather repair industry for over 20 years.  We train technicians who want to start their own business or add-on to an existing business all over the world.  Our courses consist of quality products, easy techniques and provide a leather educational background. We offer continued support after training to help the technician be successful.  Our technician and instructor has years of in-home repair field experience.  She is an approved certified leather instructor with the IICRC.  She worked at Leather Master (MultiMaster NA - Greensboro, NC) managing their color lab, training department and advising over 300 technicians, manufacturers, retailers and consumers on leather problems.

Leather Solutions Int'l offers several types of  training classes in the areas of: Leather Certification Course (LCT), Leather Repair,  Restoration, and Color Mixing classes.  Our certified leather program covers the history, identification and cleaning of leather.  Our leather repair class covers minor repairs (scuffs, cuts and tear). Our restoration class covers restoring an entire piece of furniture.  We explain all the products and how to use them.  Classes are held on-site throughout the year.  Private classes are also offered for those who want one-on-one training.  Classes can be held at your facility.  Off-site fees include instructor fees and travel expenses.  Once trained, students are added to our referral list for future work.

Our color lab offers color matching for manufacturers, retailers, technicians and consumers.  We can match color for aniline and pigmented leathers.  Our pigmented color is a one-step color.  Our aniline color is a dye and covers with one or two applications.  Our leather color products are made specifically for leather.  We have a leather library with many manufacturers samples.  If we don't have a sample of your leather, you will need to send us a sample of your leather to match the color.

Leather Solutions International is your source for professional leather care, products, training, and repair services.

We provide quality products.  Our products will get the job done right the first time.

   Our products are made in the U.S.A

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